Women in Leadership – Are You a 21st Century Leader? Part 2

 Women in Leadership – Are You a 21st Century Leader? Part 2


In part one of Women in Leadership: Are you a 21st Century Leader? We talked about five important skills and behaviors necessary to be a successful leader in today’s workplace Leadership Coaching . They were: resiliency, self-awareness, people skills, entrepreneurship and execution. We will tackle another five important skills and behaviors in this article. Mastering these ten skills and behaviors will place you above your peers and help you navigate your career path with amazing speed.

The 21st Century leaders is purposeful. She has a personal business vision and she strives to achieve it. She is focused and intentional about what she does and says. Her intents are clear and she is transparent with regard to her actions and motivations. She is driven yet approachable and personable.

Decisiveness is a must. She has learned to make decisions with enough information, not all the information. She is also adept at working in ambiguous situations and does not get overwhelmed and stressed out about them. There is a calmness yet clarity about what she is going to do next and how she is going to do it.

Collaboration is a way of being for the new leader. She does not hold back her ideas and works to incorporate the ideas of others to build even stronger concepts. There is little room for jealousy and lack of sharing in this new world of leadership. This leader understands that everyone is successful together and even more so when they work collaboratively and share ideas and information.

Role modeling is an important part of being a leader in today’s world of business. It helps shape the culture into one that people like to be a part of. It helps lead the way for other young leaders. Being a mentor is part of this role modeling. Most women leaders have not had mentoring yet it is such an important part of being successful i



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