Transferring Private Registration Plates From Car To Car  

 Transferring Private Registration Plates From Car To Car


The popularity of private number plates has grown rapidly in recent years. Motorists are commonly deciding to change their standard DVLA registration numbers with their own personalised plates. The cherished transfer scheme from the DVLA allows owners of vehicles with a personal registration number to transfer them from car to car. It is swiss chocolat useful to motorists who are selling their car and want transfer their private reg to their new car.

Transfer applications must be made to your local DVLA office by post or in person. A V317 form should be completed and are available from the DVLA and main post offices. During the transfer the car giving up the registration number is known as the donor vehicle and the other car is known as the receiving vehicle. Vehicles must be in existence and registered with the DVLA to partake in the transfer scheme.

Vehicles involved in the transfer must be taxed, hold a valid MOT if applicable and be available for inspection. Applications must include the registration documents (V5/V5C) for the donor and receiving vehicles and the MOT certificates. For vehicles with only the green new keepers section a V62 should also be completed. The transfer scheme is not available for vehicles that do not require testing such as tractors and milk floats. The transfer fee is currently £80 payable by cheque, cash or debit card.

On completion of the transfer process each vehicle is issued with an updated tax disc displaying the new registration and an updated MOT if applicable. The new V5 documents follow later from DVLA Swansea. The donor vehicle is issued with an age related registration number, often the registration it gave up as a result of the initial transfer. Vehicles registered before 1963 are issued with a dateless registration number which is issued on a non transferable basis. This is to prevent owners of old vehicles continually transferring replacement marks for profit.

In unfortunate circumstances such as an accident or theft involving the vehicle, transfer applications can still be made. Registration numbers on cars that have been written off can still be transferred providing the insurer has not scrapped the vehicle and gives authorisation for the transfer. The vehicle must be available for inspection and all the regular criteria must be met. Applications for transfer can be made on vehicles that have been stolen providing it has been reported as stolen with the DVLA for at least one year.



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