Starting a Japanese Porcelain Doll Collection

Starting a Japanese Porcelain Doll Collection


Japanese porcelain dolls may be new to you, but in reality they have been around enjoying centuries of imaginative play or collected in some of the finest museums and Japanese Porcelain Ware private collections in the world. In Japan, dolls are not just for girls to play with. In fact, many boys and adults have dolls. These dolls are not necessarily played with, but celebrated. In fact, there are even two days out of every year dedicated to dolls.

Children are taught to look at, not touch, the dolls that are commemorated at these celebrations. Many of the Japanese porcelain dolls from centuries ago are not only made with exquisite detail, but also have a fine powder of crushed oyster shells brushed over their faces, hands and feet giving them a more ethereal appearance.

Today’s Japanese porcelain dolls, like those of yesteryear, are not just for play. They are for collectors also. Many of them are dressed in costumes represented many Japanese legends and stories from the past like the Samurai doll and the Emperor doll.

The geisha dolls are in traditional dress and makeup. Every detail on a Japanese porcelain doll is taken into consideration when they are created. Their kimonos often have cherry blossoms or dragons on them, which may represent strength or peace. The beautiful geisha dolls arrive posed in positions of dance with the required fan or musical instrument.

When starting your collection of Japanese porcelain dolls, look carefully for handmade dolls of good quality, as these will last longer and provide many hours of vibrant enjoyment.

With their exquisite detail not only to their beautiful porcelain faces, but also to their dress and costuming, Japanese porcelain dolls retain stunning beauty over the years even with regular handling. Often, children who receive Japanese porcelain dolls generate an interest in learning about other cultures, creating teachers of these delicate dolls.

Caring for the modern Japanese porcelain doll is much easier than in the past. With the better quality paints and finishes available to manufacturers, and stronger yet equally as beautiful materials, the finest doll can handle minor mishaps. A smudge on their forehead wipes off easily with a damp cloth. A gentle breeze from a can of canned air will dust them beautifully without ruffling a hair on their heads or damaging their fine silken garments.

There are many sizes available when it comes to Japanese porcelain dolls. Many will fit in a dollhouse, yet there are some nearly as tall as a young child. Be certain when you choose your doll that you have adequate space to place it.

They tend to look most beautiful displayed against a simple dark background as the lively colors of their costumes will be more noticeable and more highly appreciated if they do not have to compete with a floral patterned background or too much light. Lighting is best from the front of the doll, aimed down as the costume generally has a bell-shape and becomes wider at the base.

Japanese porcelain dolls are created with the purchaser in mind. Care is taken to share the culture of the doll in the most beautiful form possible. They can be treasured and handed down for generations bringing families together to tell the stories they played out with their dolls as children.



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