SOS Online Backup Vs IBackup  

 SOS Online Backup Vs IBackup


Cloud Storage Comparison Challenge

IBackup is a really good choice for an online backup and cloud storage company, but Cuxac d’Aude  they have some really stiff competition. SOS has really made a strong name for themselves and is taking the online backup world by storm. Their affordable pricing and high quality features have brought them customers from all over the place. There are a few things that they have done particularly well, especially in comparison to a company like IBackup.

The Features

SOS features:

  • Special pricing available on occasion
  • Mobile access available via iPhone and Android
  • Military level encryption software available
  • State of the art data centers keep data safe

IBackup features:

  • Can use with your iPhone or other iOS enabled device
  • Accidental file recovery available for 30 days
  • Setup Wizards there to help setup correctly the first time
  • Activity details available to be viewed online

The Security

256 – bit encryption software is the tools of choice for both IBackup and SOS, and for good reason. This is what banks use, and what some parts of military installations choose to use as well. It has been proven to be one of the most secure versions of encryption software available on the market today. Even though it is so readily available, it is nearly impossible to break. Since you can schedule when backups occur and put security restrictions on different accounts, all of your information is as safe as it can possibly be.

The Storage Size



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