Recessed Lighting Used In Modern Kitchen Designs

Recessed Lighting Used In Modern Kitchen Designs


Recessed lighting is a light design that is installed directly into a hollow portion or opening in kitchen ceiling downlights

a ceiling. Other terms used with it includes downlight, pot light, and can light.

What Recessed Lighting Can Do To Your Kitchen

The kitchen is home to many activities. Aside from making and eating your daily meals, the kitchen is a perfect venue for extended family conversations, snacks, doing homework, reading books and newspapers, and even working on bills. Each of these activities requires proper lighting to set the mood right, as well as adding to the overall comfort of each individual while they are doing their own activities.

Recessed lighting is now a fixture in the modern kitchen. Various models and designs allow light augmentation, refraction, controlling the glare and brightness, and so on. The flexibility that this provides can give you enough elbow room in planning out different designs of your kitchen and the styles that you plan to incorporate into it.

Installing Recessed Lighting Fixture Into Your Kitchen Ceiling

Incorporating recessed lighting into your kitchen requires planning. This involves the strategic location in which the fixture will be most beneficial, the placement of wires, and the various lighting intensity that it provides.

This recessed lighting is composed of three major parts:

1) housing,

2) trim, and

3) the lamp.

The housing of recessed lightings controls the amount of voltage used by the lamp. They vary in voltage so it’s best to check each one of them out. The trim controls the amount of light released into the kitchen. The standard baffles of most trims are in color white or blank. This absorbs the extra light released from the lamp, thus, adding to the over-all quality and comfort that it brings into the kitchen.

In most cases, recessed lighting is used in side areas of the area; like above kitchen sinks, underneath hanging cabinets, inside storage areas, or even on the dining table. Always make a point that placement of recessed lighting should be directly above the work area of your kitchen so that it will not create unnecessary shadows.



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