How to keep your framed art work clean and unharmed

How to keep your framed art work clean and unharmed


Every time I walk into my home, people compliment me on the quality of my framed artwork. Many times, I have been asked what I do to preserve these art pieces. Today I will share with you what I do to preserve my framed artwork for the long-term. Relax, get in your chair and let me take you through the steps.

It is important to consider where your framed art will be placed in order to protect it. Keep your artwork out of direct sunlight. Sun bleaching is caused by the damaging UV rays. Your framed All to Enhance a Healthier Room Décor with Back-lit Frames! artwork will fade quickly if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Avoid damaging fading of your artwork from direct sunlight.

If you cannot shade your artwork from direct sunlight, there is an alternative way to protect your frames from UV rays. An ultra violet filtering film can be applied to your window. This will protect your art from fading and block harmful UV rays.

Protect your frames by using acid-free mats. This will prevent your art from getting discolored. Ask if your artwork is being framed if the mat is acid-free.

We will now discuss how to clean the glass that covers your framed artwork. Spray the cleaning cloth with the liquid cleaner to clean the glass. Never use the cloth directly on the glass. This will clean the glass safely and prevent any liquid cleaner from seeping into the frame, causing damage to the artwork, mat, or both.

You should also think carefully about what type of cloth you will use to clean your frames. Use a cloth that does not damage or scratch your frame. These clothes are very soft and won’t scratch the artwork frame’s surface.

These are some simple techniques to protect your frames and avoid any potential damage.

Always hold a framed art piece with two hands. One hand should be on the opposite side of the frame. Never place the artwork near the wire or clip that hangs the picture. Remember to hold the frame with two hands. This will help you avoid damaging the artwork and causing it to fall.

Never place valuable art in high-moisture rooms like bathrooms. Your kitchen is another place you should avoid hanging precious artwork in. A kitchen’s vapors and harmful oils can cause damage to framed artwork.

Professional cleaning may be necessary if your framed artwork contains valuable oil paintings. This is an option. For oil paintings that are not very expensive and lightly textured, you can dust the surface with a lambs wool duster.


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