Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Reviews

 Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Reviews


The Clear Blue Fertility Monitor is a small lightweight device employed to keep track of a female’s fertile indicating hormone levels to daily forecast the most beneficial days fertility tarot reading for getting pregnant. Simply by processing user input this non-invasive process provides a female with up to the minute outcomes showing where exactly she’s on her menstruating cycle and when she should think about having intercourse to optimize her odds of pregnancy.

With the processing power in the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor demands the woman to input information in the machine using urine test sticks which together are utilized to detect her the body’s hormones levels. The closer she’s to her ovulation time, the higher the hormone level achieve. Detecting small incremental differences, the device processes the information, assesses the information and then shows the final results to the monitor’s display, indicating that she has at low, high or peak level of fertility.

Every day after waking the woman will start the Clear Blue Monitor. The system will display which day of her cycle she is currently on. Selected days she’ll be asked to simply remove the packaging from a urine test strip and urinate on it till it’s soaked (about three to five seconds). She then merely inserts the particular stick into the monitor and waits. The Clear Blue Monitor then detects the small amounts of two particular bodily hormones related to predicting her approaching ovulation. when the levels raise every day, the Fertility Monitor shows it’s prediction using 1 of 3 bars on its display screen. One bar indicates that she has low fertility for the following twenty four hours. Two bars indicates she is at the higher level of fertility which will last till the next morning. When the device reads three bars, she is at the peak level and at the most effective opportunity this cycle to conceive.

The Clear Blue Monitor works for virtually any woman wanting to understand the perfect moment all through her regular cycle that’s the best favorable for conceiving. Having an fertility prediction accuracy rate well over 99%, along with it’s simple to use monitoring process, this Fertility Monitor can assist in making your dream of creating a baby come true.



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