10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play ‘Harmony’ Piano

 10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play ‘Harmony’ Piano



There are generally umpteen zillion justifications for why you ought to learn enough harmonies to have the option to “harmony a melody” at the piano.


By “harmony a melody”, I mean the capacity to play 3 or 4 harmonies on the piano in some kind of mood while you or another person sings the tune. To do this, you don’t should be a Van Cliburn; you should simply become familiar All I Want For Christmas is You Piano Sheet Music with a couple of fundamental harmonies and have the option to additional to and fro between them in some coordinated cadenced example.


For instance, did you understand that these tunes (and hundreds more) can be sung or played with only 3 harmonies?


Days of yore


Stunning Grace


Kum Ba Ya


Quiet Night


Satisfaction To The World


Signal Bells


Glad Birthday


Down In The Valley


On Top Of Old Smoky…


furthermore, hundreds or perhaps thousands more!


Add only another harmony to the fundamental 3, and you can play another thousand tunes or something like that. So why not gain proficiency with a couple of harmonies and start your chording vocation?


Here are my best 10 explanations behind learning “harmony piano”:


1) It’s simple. Learn 3 harmonies and start in.


2) Even however it’s not difficult to get everything rolling, you don’t need to stop there. You can find out an ever increasing number of harmonies and more beat designs and get great.


3) You’ll have the option to play “Cheerful Birthday” while the posse sings it.


4) You’ll have the option to play about six Christmas tunes. In the event that you haven’t saw, Christmas comes each year, so consistently you’ll improve as you take an interest in family social occasions.


5) You can assist your children with learning play the piano, guitar, or most some other instrument by learning harmonies. Most instructors don’t show harmonies, so you’ll be giving your children a benefit by learning harmonies.


6) People will respect you. It’s valid. Performers are famous. Any individual who can play anything is popular at gatherings and parties. Furthermore, if possible “harmony” while others sing, you will undoubtedly be famous.


7) Piano playing utilizing harmonies is useful for your cerebrum. Studies have shown that individuals who effectively partake in music do their cerebrum bunches of good. Also, since harmonies require 3 or 4 notes all at once rather than one, you are giving your mind a decent exercise.


8) Piano playing, especially utilizing harmonies, is acceptable exercise for your wrists and fingers. (However, set aside the effort to find out with regards to address hand position!)

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