The Awakening Dream

 The Awakening Dream


Living in a world filled to the brim with hatred, misguided-ness, and racism for each other, mankind continues to struggle in its perpetual long lived and continuing cycle Sky Eden@Bedok Condo  of separation of the masses – Church and State. The journey and characterization of an individual comes to mind…

Life’s Journey has many ways of preparing us for the lessons ahead, as well as behind. Many teachers have come to pass in the quest to have us learn, to contemplate, and comprehend the gift of divine (eclectic divinity). Mankind’s continued reach or search for God can be summed into a simple meaning and way of life. Aspiring to the heavens, for many of us, is not paved by way of tandem formulated religion. Good, a goodness in one’s life, a continuing and unrelenting desire, fortified, and defiance of evil on Earth, in life, upon another living soul could in all probability, bring us to the threshold of Eden. Sects, denominations of all said religions teach us with Psalm, Sura, Tanakh, Acts (The Bible, Qur’an, and Torah), and Hail Mary’s and such for repentance (Penance)…while pointing us in the direction of doing, being, and living – Good!

Most all men (and women) dream. Some experience nightmares while others interpret the sleep delivered messages and images as visions. Dante Alighieri was briefly mentioned in “All Hallows Night”(9.25.96). His dream was an adventure as much as it was an awakening dream. Easter Sunday April 10, 1300, Dante was thirty-five years of age when he began the telling of his journey through the Gates of Hell and Purgatory on Thursday night, April 7, 1300. He awoke in the “Forest of Worldliness” (or Sin). Sinful habits impeded his ability to remember how he got there.

He saw Satan, the lord of Hell, is represented as the counterpart of the Trinity, with heads of three colors – yellow, black, and red. The colors signified impotence, ignorance, and hate. They also corresponded to the divine power of wisdom and love. Beelzebub’s three pairs of wings sent forth blasts, which froze Cocytus (the river of Hades).

Lucifer held in his three mouths, Judas Iscariot – Jesus’ betrayer, Marcus Junious Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus, (Publius Servilous Casca Longinus was not mentioned) – traitors to and assassins of Caesar and Rome were being chewed for their sins at the very center of hell.

Mahumet the shade (the fate of dwelling in shadow after death), originally a Christian and the deliberate cause of separations of the world’s two monolitheistic faiths, mentioned in prophesy the malicious pleasure of Fra Dolcino -the leader of a heretical sect, was forced to surrender. He was besieged in 1306.

Dante encountered a relative during his trek through hell. Geri Del Bello suffered a horribly violent death.

His death was not avenged. He was killed by the Sacchetti family and was avenged in 1310 by the Alighieri during a feud that continued into 1342. Upon Alighieri’s reproach and an attempt to reach out; make contact; talk to; reprimand – scold; lay blame; rapture in a blood relative embrace, the relative did turn his back to the living soul – and walked away…cursing the family.



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