Shotgun Vs Rifle – A Comparison

Shotgun Vs Rifle – A Comparison


Choosing the type of firearm to hunt with is one of the first and most important choices you’ll make as a hunter. The choice over whether a shotgun is better than a rifle (and vice versa) has been debated time and time again b hy not add one more opin .38 special ammo ion into the mix?

I will give you my personal recommendation, compare the pro and cons of each firearm and hopefully assist you in making your decision.

For simplicity purposes when I use the word SHOTGUN, I will encompass many version of this gun such as the .410, 12 gauge and 20 gauge. On the flip side, when I reference RIFLES, I am referring to the basics such as powerful air rifles, .22’s and .177’s.



-less accuracy required to hit target

-easier to hit moving targets

-less bullet trajectory (this equates to safer hunting if missing a target when hunting in smaller areas or where the terrain is unknown i.e. are there houses close by, a road over that hill, etc)

-better suited to aggressive hunters or hunters that like to move around from place to place or stalk hunt

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