How to Up Your Delivery Game

 How to Up Your Delivery Game


Restaurants that offer take out orders or delivery have a variety of advantages for both the restaurant themselves and their customers that order from them. One of the first   Nangs  benefits that comes to mind is the never-ending options that are available to someone that wants to order delivery. There are so many different types of restaurants that offer delivery nowadays. The next benefit that comes with delivery orders is the time that one saves compared to dining in. Your food is brought right to you and during the time that you would have spent driving to the restaurant, ordering food, waiting for the food to be prepared and actually eating the meal, you would be able to accomplish, work, laundry, cleaning, time with your kids, a workout… the possibilities are endless.

While there are many people who love what take out, delivery, and curbside pickup have become, there are few with complaints. It has been said that while it is doing good, the online ordering system is lacking in a few places. In 2011, 57% of customers reported ordering food to go, at least once a week. In 2012, the number dropped to 51% of customers ordering food to go. There are many things that can attribute to this drop in numbers. One thing that can attribute to this is the quality of the food a person gets when they order it to go. With the many things there to help bring down the view of ordering food to go, there are many things that can be done to help a restaurant succeed with ordering food to go.

One of the first things a restaurant should do is to ensure that the quality of food is the same as when a customer eats at the restaurant. One of the main complaints that customers have is the quality, portions and freshness of the food when it is ordered to go. A restaurant must make sure that the quality is equal, if not better than at the dine in place, the amount of food must be the same, and the freshness should be as good as ever.

The next thing a restaurant can do is to dedicate a line or number to just orders for pick up. This limits that wait time a customer has to go through, and therefore creates a better experience for the customers.



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