City Guide To Manchester, Including Manchester Hotels

City Guide To Manchester, Including Manchester Hotels



Manchester is a city in the north-west of England, situated in a bowl
shaped land Piccadilly Grand Showflat area. The city centre is located on the River Irwell.
Planning for a vacation in Manchester is a great idea. Manchester is
one of the largest cities of England and contains a rich cultural and
traditional values, worth to see and feel. Great places to see, enjoy
and stay make Manchester a city for tourists? place of interest.


The Manchester area was settled in Roman times: General Agricola called
a fort he set up there Mamucium, meaning ‘breast-shaped hill.’ A
facsimile of a Roman fort exists in Castlefield, in the city centre.
Manchester remained a small market town until the Industrial
Revolution, beginning in the 18th century. Its damp climate was ideal
for cotton processing and with the development of steam-powered engines
for spinning and weaving, the cotton industry quickly developed
throughout the region. Manchester quickly grew into the most important
industrial centre in the world. In 1838 Manchester, like many of the
largest towns during this period, was incorporated as a municipal
borough. City status for the borough was conferred in 1853.

Recent history

In 15t June 1996 criminals (PIRA) attacked the City Centre and the
consequent reconstruction spurred a massive regeneration of the city
centre, with complexes such as the Printworks and the Triangle creating
new city focal points for both shopping and entertainment. Since the
regeneration after the 1996 PIRA attack and leading up to the XVII
Commonwealth Games Manchester has changed significantly. Old 1960s
focal points in the city centre were torn down in favour of a new more
modern, up market look. Some areas, like Hulme, have undergone
extensive regeneration programs and many million-pound lofthouse
apartments have since been developed to cater for its growing business
class community.

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