America Goes to War – The fight for A Nasiriyah

 America Goes to War – The fight for A Nasiriyah



It is difficult to accept that it has been a long time since Jessica Lynch and the 507th Maintenance Company moved through the dusty roads of A Nasiriyah on March 23, 2003. Eleven of Jessica’s kindred fighters were killed that morning, five were caught and twelve more harmed. Lynch was basically harmed and close to death when she was brought into a tactical emergency clinic close to the site of her trap.


Not long after the trap, the North Carolina Marines of Task Force Tarawa moved to get the extensions in A Nasiriyah. LtCol Rickey Grabowski’s first Battalion, of the second Marine Regiment moved into the city and experienced solid opposition. By midmorning they had safeguarded almost 50% of the warriors who had been trapped and by early afternoon Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore the Marines were charging forward through a hail of RPGs, AK-47 gunfire, mortar and big guns floods. By dusk, Grabowski’s Marines had gotten their targets however at a horrendous expense. Eighteen of America’s best kicked the bucket and another dozen were injured.


On the whole, 29 Americans passed on that day in A Nasiriyah. Their story has never truly been told. At first, the circumstance in Nasiriyah was so befuddling and loaded up with the chaos of all consuming conflict that nobody knew the association between the 507th Maintenance Company and the valiant Marines of the 2d Marine Regiment. From the beginning, Jessica’s catch was stayed silent for dread that the adversary would move her if they presumed that America knew where she was and the greater part of the Marines who kicked the bucket that day couldn’t be distinguished without DNA testing.


As the days and weeks passed, the news media continued on to Lynch’s salvage and afterward the fall of Baghdad. At the point when the Department of Defense at long last figured things out and delivered the names of the Marines and warriors who kicked the bucket that day, the media took next to no intrigue. Nobody at any point understood that that ridiculous day in Nasiriyah, on March 23rd, was the costliest day of battle for America in the intrusion of Iraq. These 29 American troopers and Marines were never given a fitting recognition for a definitive penance they made while in the help of their country.


Before dawn on the 23rd on March 2003, 33 warriors, going in eighteen trucks, coincidentally found the dusty desert city of A Nasiriyah. It wasn’t until they had passed entirely through the city that they understood that they were miserably lost. When they pivoted and attempted to remember their way, every Iraqi with a weapon began taking shots at the ambushed guard. The lead three vehicles figured out how to go through the test of endurance and return to the U.S. Marines’ cutting edges.


Five vehicles stalled and ten officers mixed for cover in a close by ditch. Encircled, they each pledged to go down battling. They had battled to hold off the adversary for almost 60 minutes, when Major Bill Peeples and the Marine big haulers of Alpha Company, eighth Tanks showed up to make all the difference. The Marines beat back the foe and hurried the ten warriors to security.


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