ScrumMaster Interview Questions

Since I got certified as a ScrumMaster, I’ve joined a couple of Scrum groups on LinkedIn, namely the “Certified ScrumMasters” and the “Scrum Alliance, Inc.” groups. Today an interesting question was brought up.

The question of “What are some good ScrumMaster job interview questions?”, which is relevant to our aspirations of building a high-performance team using the Scrum learning framework. Since I could not come up with a single good question on the spot, I decided to consider it, and in order to get subscribed to answers to the question I had to compose an answer myself.

I answered in an abstract manner, saying that it would be situational / behavioural questions, aimed at exposing whether or not the person has the kinds of skills that are desirable in a ScrumMaster. I came up with that list of skills using a Google search with keywords Certified Scrum Master Traits.

I will catalogue the specific questions people come up with here, I hope they won’t mind:

  • Tell me about a time when you had to help a new person join a team you were part of.
  • Describe a time when a project you were working on in a team had too much to do in too little time. How did you agree on what to prioritize? What did you do about the work you had to ignore?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to deliver “bad news” to someone above you.
  • Tell me about a time when you used your relationships within an organization to achieve your goals.
  • Describe a time when a team member came to you with a problem that seemed unimportant to you. How did you handle the situation?